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Amber & Bryan

Amber and Bryan were married in Nanticoke on Bryan's family farm April 30th, 2016 on one of those off and on rainy days that no one hopes to have for their wedding. Although, the weather wasn't ideal, the rain held out for us and I was able to get some great shots of their big day. 

Prior to the event, Bryan's dad cleaned and organized the property while Bryan found the perfect branches to structure the arbor.

Before the ceremony, Amber and her bridesmaids got ready inside her parents' house while the gentlemen prepped for the occasion at his friend's place down the street. Portraits were later shot on the beach area of the river across the street. Bryan's buddy brought out guns, boots and hunting accessories to have some fun with the groomsmen photos. The guys also had golf carts to cruise around property.

At just about every wedding, I get to see something new and creative that couples come up with that I've never seen before. This time, Amber and Bryan had a tree in a pot and had each of their mothers add soil, along with Amber's son. Once the three added their soil to the tree, Amber and Bryan watered it to represent their growing and meshing family. 

Here are the photos of the happy couple:



Lindsay & Joe

Back in November, I had the opportunity to travel to Jamaica to shoot the wedding of two of my good friends- Joe and Lindsay.

I used to live next door to Lindsay and Joe has been a good buddy of mine since high school (and has even been pictured a few times in Inside Ocean City), so I was really excited asked me to photograph their wedding at Secrets in Montego Bay.

We landed in Jamaica three days before the wedding. Lindsay's maid of honor couldn't get a flight in for the reheasal dinner so I had the chance to play around as part of the bridal party for a night. She was nice enough to not make me wear a dress though. 

When the big day finally came, so did the rain. Thankfully, we made in through the entire ceremony in fair weather but shortly after Joe kissed his bride, it started to downpour and everyone ran inside to take cover. 

One of the greatest moments of the trip was capturing pictures of everyone jumping into the pool after the reception. 

The following day, I photographed Lindsay and a couple of her girlfriends all reunited in their wedding dresses before we went snorkeling and took a catamaran over to Margaritaville. The captain and first mate were acting just as crazy as we were, doing back flips off of each other.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed the trip.


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Amber & Jim

Amber and Jim’s big day was probably the longest wedding day I have ever photographed and the experience was worth every minute. Amber was one of my good friends while I was in photography school in Massachusetts and I hadn’t seen her or her mom since a photography convention in Las Vegas about seven years ago. 

I woke up early to shoot the “getting ready” photos. It was the first time I was able to drive our roller skate car. I opened the drivers side door (on the right side of the car,) started the engine and took off driving on the left side of the road. I had never driven a stick-shift or on the opposite side of the road so the drive to meet the girls was an adventure in itself. 

At 7:30 a.m., I met the bridal party at the hair salon. Amber and all the bridesmaids were in their chairs drinking champagne and getting all dolled-up, chatting about what the day had in store. 

After starting my day being one of the girls, I then met the guys to take pictures of them playing golf on the course of the country club where they would later be married. 

Later around lunch time, I went back to the hotel where the girls were hanging out and getting their makeup done. I finally got to catch up with Amber. I couldn’t be happier that out of all the photographers we went to school with, she chose me to be such a huge part of her wedding. 

Before the ceremony, I took the whole family to the venue to shoot some family portraits, finally getting to see the mother of the bride. 

After the pictures of the family were done, I got the bridal party together to take their pictures right before the ceremony.

After the wedding, we went to a beach for bride and groom photos with Table Mountain in the background; where the cloud coverage comes over the beach like a table cloth, resulting in a huge temperature drop. 

Between the amazing South African food and the 2,500 roses, it was a memorable day for everyone in attendance. 

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