Protect your Investment:

Cleaning: The best way to care for your portrait is by taking a soft cloth and wiping the surface and edges. DO NOT use any sort of cleaners!

Display: The best way to display the portrait is in an area without direct sunlight for long periods of time and we recommend keeping it hung indoors. I also advise against placing the portrait in a high humidity environment like a bathroom, where steam and moisture could do damage to the wood frame and canvas over time. The portrait does not require a glass cover and should be framed by a professional. 

Transportation: If you need to transport your portrait, you can package it in bubble wrap or foam to protect it from damage.

Storage: Do not store the portrait in an environment that receives intense heat as this could cause damage.


Wedding Images:

The photographs from your wedding day have been stored on the following dvd(s)

The best way to keep these images safe is by making a second copy of the CD/DVD to be sure they are not misplaced or ruined. We recommend storing the CD’s in two different locations such as a fire proof box and a relatives home. Also I recommend placing your images on your computers hard drive.

Remember you have invested a great deal of time, planning, and posing for these photos and we want them to last a lifetime!