So, your big day is finally here! And we are so excited for you. We try to get to know our brides on an personal level so we can make your unforgettable memories last a lifetime. We strive to make your special wedding day unique and authentic. Call us at 410-430-2208 to get your own personal quote for your wedding today!


You’ll touch base with us at noon of the date of your scheduled portrait, at that time we will look over weather and wind and set an exact location for the evening accordingly. We always try to shoot as close to where you are staying as possible. The locations will vary depending on the time of year, the wind, and the weather on the day of your portrait. We will take several photos of the family in a variety of poses to allow for more formal and others more relaxed. If you would like to do individual photos or ones of a smaller group we can arrange for that to take place at the same session. Once all the images have been taken Next Wave Studios will invite you to our location to view the images through a slide show presentation. The slide show will allow you to view the images in a variety of sizes to make the selection of images easier for you!


Next Wave Studios has found through past experiences, that keeping small children up for the later hours of sunset can be difficult. Please try to keep their spirits up by sneaking in a late nap or keeping them up a little later a few evenings prior to the portrait session.

Family Tree sessions: Next Wave Studios would like to ask the person planning the portrait event to provide a graphed out family tree before the portrait session. This allows the photographer to get to know the family and be able to call them by name during the shoot.