When I first spoke to Shawn he told me that him and his fiancé Kathy were getting married at the American Visionary Art Museum in Fed Hill. I was thrilled. This would be my first time shooting there. Then he told me they liked funky pictures and they were sort of “punk“. I was even more thrilled. This was right up my alley. When I arrived at the hotel where they were getting ready I was already excited to meet the two of them. Then I walked in and saw Kathy with purple throughout her hair and Shawn with blue in his hair. I knew this was going to be an all around awesome day. They were both so down to earth and hilarious. Shawn and Kathy decide to do a first look before the wedding which I love capturing that exact moment when they first lay eyes on each other. Before the ceremony we decided to travel to Little Italy where we took a few pictures of just the two of them. The two of them really have an amazing time when they are together. When we arrived to the American Visionary Art Museum guests were patiently waiting to see the  bride and groom. The ceremony was gorgeous and once it was over I took photos the whole wedding party while the other guests enjoyed cocktail hour. Before dinner even started everyone was already enjoying themselves and dancing, dancing, dancing. I don’t think I have ever seen so much dancing! This was magnificent wedding and I am overjoyed that I as able to be a part of their day. I wish Shawn and Kathy nothing but happiness.